About Biorébus


The purpose of Biorébus, a company founded in 2004 and effectively active since 2006, is to provide an appropriate legal and business framework to continue the research work conducted by a multidisciplinary team steered by Dr. Laurent Schwartz and which up until then had been informal.

Touching on biology, physics, and mathematics, this work led to the emergence of several innovations, particularly concerning cancer and aging. The organization aims to further advance its work in view of commercially developing its research results in an industrial operating process.

Biorébus came out of the École Polytechnique, a French educational and research establishment. Its current operational structure consists of a small core team that manages and coordinates academic teams and private subcontractors, all working in a network. The core team is supported by a team of consultants from various disciplines. Special care is taken via collaboration agreements and communication systems to protect intellectual property and to preserve the confidentiality of its work.

Within the scope of its research work and the execution of its contracts, our team maintains ongoing relations with several teams at INSERM1, CNRS2, and École Polytechnique.

Activity and Outlook:

Biorébus’ current activity essentially revolves around two projects in varying stages of development:

– Cancer: Biorébus is developing new therapies by approaching cancer as an ailment of cell metabolism. This research program has enabled us to select molecules for which we are finishing preclinical development.

– Aging: Biorébus is developing molecules that are able to slow down or reverse the aging process. This research program has reached the stage of in vitro screening.

1 Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale (French National Institute for Health and Medical Research, INSERM).

2 Centre national de la recherche scientifique (French National Center for Scientific Research, CNRS).


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